East Rutherford – Carlstadt – Maywood


Special Election will be on Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Becton Evolution Podcast Series:

Episode 1:

The Becton Evolution Plan will include ALL students: Trades, Advanced Tech, Special Education, Liberal Arts, STEM, VPA and more!

Episode 2:

Our historic merger with Maywood now combines the resources of our three communities and gives us an opportunity to provide every single student what THEY DESERVE for the next 50+ years.

Episode 3:

Adaptive and Visionary: The Becton Evolution Expansion creates a space for students, educators, athletes, and our community members well into the future. The flexibility and adaptive design allows and anticipates the future needs of students – 10, 25, and 50+ years into the future.

Episode 4:

Change is inevitable. The Becton Evolution Project gives us the ability to adapt and change to new and emerging conditions. The cost of doing nothing and the dangers of not evolving means our students won’t get the opportunities that they deserve. Without change, we risk the repeat/expire cycle of disengaging students from learning and not being truly prepared for life after High School.